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Spin Art - Double Bay

Spin Art - Double Bay

Create you very own masterpiece with Spin Art. Two kids can make their creations at a time.

A big favorite in carnivals and large events, Spin Art lets kids add a few drops of colored paint to a sheet of paper, which is then spun at high speeds by the machine to make incredible and unique pieces of art. This larger unit has two separate bays, allowing more kids to make their creations at a time and is perfect for events with lots of kids. It also includes a table with drying lines to keep everything neat and organized. Our Spin Art paints are water soluble and easy to clean.

Spin Art Supplies. Spin Art Paint - A set of six colors of water soluble paints is included with the rental at no additional cost.

Spin Art Paper - 5 x 7 card stock paper sold in stacks of 100 are used to make their creations.

Price: $25 (100 Sheets)

Standard rentals are four hours or less, for longer rentals please call us.

Set Up Area
Art Style
5 x 3 x 6
Up to 2
Number of Lanes
Electrical Needs

1x 15-amp Circuit

Extension cord use approved
Price Per Hour

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