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Popcorn Cart

Popcorn Cart

Just like at the ball, tasty popcorn served from a rolling cart.

Nothing beats the aroma of hot, buttery, popping popcorn. Our popcorn carts are professional grade commercial popcorn makers and produce salted, buttered, movie theater style popcorn. Operation of this popcorn cart is easy, and can produce 8 - 10 servings in as little as three minutes.

Supplies are not included with the Machine Rental but are Available for Purchase.

Popcorn Packets - $2.00 - Each packet contains the butter, salt, seasoning, and popcorn kernels to make delicious, buttery movie theater style popcorn. Simply cut off the top, squeeze the contents into the kettle, and you're making popcorn. Each packet should produce 8 - 10 or more servings per packet.

Popcorn Bags - 5¢ each - Paper Popcorn Bags in the Classic Style.

Standard rentals are four hours or less, for longer rentals please call us.

Set Up Area
Art Style
1.5 x 1.5 x 6
Number of Lanes
Available for Purchase
Electrical Needs

1x 20-amp Circuit

Extension cord use approved
Price Per Hour

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