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Human Foosball

Human Foosball

Time for foosball! Only with Human Foosball, you and your guests are the men on the Foosball table.

In this true interactive sports game, up to ten players take the role of the Foosball men and strap themselves onto the "poles" in a giant 55 foot inflated Foosball table and try to score against the other team in a kickball style game. In Human Foosball, the poles are replaced with stretched rope and the players are strapped to the rope with Velcro belts, allowing them to move from side to side but not forward or backwards. Much like traditional Foosball, this interactive sports game promotes team building because players will have to work together both on their own rope and with players on their team on other ropes to advance the ball and score against the opposing team. 

Standard rentals are four hours or less, for longer rentals please call us.

Set Up Area
Art Style
55 x 25 x 10
Up to 10
Number of Lanes
Electrical Needs

1x 20-amp Circuit

Extension cord use approved
Price Per Hour

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