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Arena Joust

Arena Joust

Step into this amazing inflated arena and face off with foam jousting poles. Mesh sides make it a great spectator sport.

Do something different in your party or fund raiser with this spectacular 20 foot diameter inflated arena. Inside, two of your guests face off with over-sized foam jousting poles atop a large mushroom shaped pedestal at the arena's center. The player that manages to knock his opponent off the pedestal onto the safe inflated landing area a couple of feet below is the champion. Your guests will love to watch the action through the arena's mesh walls. 

Standard rentals are four hours or less, for longer rentals please call us.

Set Up Area
Art Style
20 x 20 x 7
Up to 2
Number of Lanes
Electrical Needs

1x 20-amp Circuit

Extension cord use approved
Price Per Hour

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